XCaret MX 2021

Before Trip

Feed Posts

Before we start our trip, we did 4 feed posts, reaching 2.2M accounts to let users know that we are going to the destination.

During Trip

Total Stories

During the Trip, we did post 100 Stories most of them Video, average of 23.8 Stories per day, reaching around 1.5M accounts and showing step by step our stay.


During out trip, we had a hundreads of interactions, asking about the destination and specially about the hotel.



After our trip, we did produce 3 high quality IGTV’s (long videos) videos, in different periods, to keep our followers with the destination in Mind, with 434k plays.


After our trip, we did post 11 Instagram reels, played more than 10 millions time by our followers.


After out trip, our posts was reposted at least 1332 times around the world (AND GROWING)s, including big accounts, like visitmexico, beautiful destinations, vacations, tasteinhotels, beautifulhotels, hotelsandresots, corona and others, bringing an additional number of 47 Millions plays around the world (please find detailed reposts attached).

Tik Tok

After our trip, we did post 13 times on tik tok, reaching 242k accounts.


Our very successful case with Xcaret, meet a very stong goal, reaching more than 62 millions accounts around the world, with a high-quality content and engajament . Making this case, one of our biggest case ever.