Maldives 2019

Before Trip

Feed Posts

Before we start our trip, we did 6 feed posts 6 Videos and photos , reaching 1.963.906 accounts to let users know that we are going to the destination.

During Trip

Total Stories

During the Trip, we did post 143 Stories most of them Video (134) and 0 photos, average of 23.8 Stories per day.

Reach Numbers

During the Trip, our stories Reach 2.4M impressions, average of 17k impressions per Story. With a completation rate above 97%.



After our trip, we did produce 6 high quality IGTV’s videos, in different periods, to keep our followers with the destination in Mind, with 800k plays, and a high number of shares.


After our trip, we did produce 3 high quality Youtube Videos, including a 360 video, available in different dates.


After our trip, we did post 9 times on tik tok, including 2 videos that got viral, with a total amout of plays of 15 millions time.